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Driven By Results!

Growing your business is what matters. Don’t spend money on marketing efforts that will not provide a solid return!

Gear Marketing was founded in 2009 by Jason D. Yarger, with the purpose of managing social media accounts for small businesses.

Jason has been using social media before Facebook was even available to the masses. He started his first Facebook profile in 2004 as a Freshman in college. Then attained the 2nd best internship in the nation, and was recruited from there to manage the insurance and marketing division of a financial firm. All the while he ran the PR Director position of the ASU Residence Hall Association, and then went on to be the Residence Hall Honorary Chancellor.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Jason decided to open Gear Marketing, LLC. Despite being in the midst of the 2009 depression, in which the housing market, stock market, and job market were falling apart, Jason saw an opportunity. An opportunity to help small business owners manage the growing importance of a social media presence, while they focused on growing their companies.

It is from there that Gear Marketing grew. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Jason utilized his knowledge of interpersonal communication, leadership, and determination to turn an idea into reality. Since then, Gear Marketing has matured and grown into every facet of the marketing and advertising world. From social media, to web design, SEO / SEM, graphic and print design, video production, and working with celebrities like Alice Cooper. Gear Marketing is now a well known and accomplished marketing company.