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“How many posts will Gear Marketing LLC. publish on my Facebook Fan Page, each day?”


On average Gear Marketing LLC. publishes 3 – 6 posts on our client’s Facebook Fan Pages, each day. The number of posts changes from day to day based on the type of content being posted, the feedback the page is receiving from its fan’s, and the level of engagement each post is receiving. We are able to measure how engaged a page’s users are by tracking the amount of Likes, Comments, and Share’s each post receives over a period of time.


“Why does Gear Marketing LLC. publish multiple posts within a short time frame?”


When someone logs into Facebook, the first thing they see is their newsfeed. This is a summary of what has been happening recently among their friends and the pages they follow. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook does not show every post published in a user’s newsfeed. It would be overwhelming to users to see every possible story from all of their friends and the pages they follow. Therefore, Facebook created an algorithm that predicts how interesting each story is to each user. This algorithm is called the “EdgeRank“. It filters each user’s newsfeed, hiding the boring stories and only showing the top-ranked stories for that particular user.


Because of the EdgeRank, it can be difficult for a page’s posts to gain traction and effectively reach its online audience. To counter this issue, Gear Marketing LLC. publishes multiple posts within a short time frame. This increases the chances that any given post will be seen by our client’s follower’s allowing for them to Like, Comment, or Share it and increase the post’s and pages EdgeRank. As our client’s EdgeRank increases, so does their visibility and the amount of people that “Like” their page. It is one of the most effective ways Gear Marketing LLC. can organically increase a page’s followers.


Gear Marketing LLC. further optimizes the possibility of our client’s fans seeing their posts, by posting during times of the day that their fan’s are likely to be using Facebook. These times vary from client to client and can even change for clients due to their follower’s schedules. For example, during the holidays people spend less time working and spend more time online during the hours they would normally be working.


“Will the frequency of these posts cause my Facebook Fan’s to “Unlike” my page?”


Because of the EdgeRank (see previous FAQ), not all posts are seen by your fan’s. Therefore, it is unlikely that your fans will be overwhelmed with all of your posts and be driven to “Unlike” your page.






“Can we ask for Gear Marketing LLC. to publish “Specials” or information from our websites?”


If a client is running a special offer on their products or services, has updated information on their website, or even has interesting information they want to share with their followers, Gear Marketing LLC. encourages them to notify us of it so we can promote it through their social media pages. Clients can send these requests and materials to either Jason D. Yarger, or their assigned project manager via text message, email, or phone call.


“What if we want to post something specific on our own page?”


Just because Gear Marketing LLC. is posting to your social media pages on a daily basis, does not mean you can’t post as well. You still own your pages, and posting something on your own generally will not have a negative impact on a campaign. If Gear Marketing LLC. notices that the post is having an adverse affect on the page’s performance, we will remove the post and notify you of the action taken and the reasons behind it.


“Who are these new Page Admin’s on my Facebook page?”

In order to manage and post for your Facebook page, Gear Marketing LLC. and it’s employees need to have administrative access. You will see Jason D. Yarger as a page administrator as well as Andrew Axelrod, and potentially any other employees of Gear Marketing LLC. who are involved with your campaign.