Meet Us


Jason D. Yarger

President / Founder


Shot Caller in Chief

Jason D. Yarger has spent the majority of his career in sales. He received traditional sales training from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and transferred into management and recruitment for an independent financial firm. Jason knows firsthand the power networking holds in any business. Yarger’s true passion lies in interactions between people, and what can happen within the communication cycle that disrupts a budding relationship. Because social media had become such a large part of Yarger’s sales resource he decided to open Gear Marketing LLC. and dedicate his time towards developing and managing meaningful marketing networks between businesses and consumers through social media.Jason opened Gear Marketing LLC. with the intention of utilizing social media resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, blogs and others to help entrepreneurs maintain contact with their clients. Through this effort many businesses have noticed better client retention and a higher number of referrals. Yarger has also helped businesses improve upon consumer knowledge of products and increase sales by utilizing blogs. These blogs contain content, pictures, videos and several, “Call to action” points that drive traffic to the targeted website. By utilizing Digg, forums, social media profiles and communicating with other bloggers Yarger has been able to increase the volume of visitors to his client’s blogs and websites.Jason D. Yarger graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Communication. He chose this major because of his love for sales and pursuit of an understanding to the human interaction. Yarger’s education has helped to form his view of how social media fits into the marketing world. His plan focuses on the most efficient way to use social media as a means of maintaining contact with the networks that help build businesses. These contacts are the people who talk about your products and services on a daily basis, and need to be nurtured in order to optimize sales and a respectable public image.