Do you like or even know what people are saying about your business, online?

Social Media has given consumers a microphone with which they can talk about their favorite products, services, and companies. This public conversation can be great for your business, if you are a proactive participant. If your brand is not actively engaging your target market’s through social media, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Actively engaging your audience online means more than just posting a special offer to your Facebook page once a week. Gear Marketing posts fun, interesting, entertaining, and easily digestible material to our client’s social media profiles multiple times a day, every day of the year. That’s right, we post 365 days a year! More importantly, we constantly manage the conversation that takes place on each post. Moderating comments, replying to questions and interacting with your follower’s for you, increases your engagement online without taking up any of your time.

Gear Integrity

Gear Marketing holds the integrity of our clients campaigns and the goals we set out to accomplish, in the highest regard. It has been a policy at Gear Marketing to never utilize “Zombie accounts” (fake accounts) for any reason, for any of our clients. It is an unavoidable coincidence that fake accounts will find their way in to almost every Facebook fan page. That is why we focus our efforts on the total amount of engaged users our clients have, not the amount of Fans they have. We strive to increase the amount of people interacting with your pages, leaving comments, liking posts, and sharing your content with their friends. We want our clients campaigns to reflect quality, not quantity.



Actual Client Results


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